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Swix Environmental Ethics

Swix Environmental Ethics

Through close cooperation with research and healthcare institutions, SWIX facilitates a healthy working environment and an environmentally focused culture.


1 Swix strategy for environment and health

  • We want to create a healthy workplace for our employees and those who use our products.
  • We want our customers to know about the most environmentally friendly way to use our products. 
  • We do not want our products to pollute the environment.
  • Swix works to cut the effects of climate change from our products.
  • Swix partners follow the same ethical guidelines as us.
  • We want our customers experience  Swix health and environmental values.

2 Climate accounting

We will cut our annual CO2 emissions through conscious action.

  • Swix Sport completed its first carbon audit in 2009.
  • Climate statements were prepared by CO2focus AS.
  • Total emissions from operations in 2009 was 698.7 tonnes of CO2.
  • As a result Swix Sport will continue to cut our emissions.


  • Training on "Eco-driving"
  • Restrict aircraft and automobile travel, the use of alternative solutions
  • Over time, the transition to company cars with lower emissions
  • Awareness of the power saving
  • Limit the use of paper
  • The environment as a key premise in selecting suppliers
  • Limiting air transport in shipping
  • Launch of "climate friendly" products

3 Environment and our wax products

Waxes and environment

  • Because Swix is working with materials of the highest purity, we ensure good control over the content and performance.
  • High performance of our products, minimizing environmental impact.
  • It is important for us to understand our products' environmental impact. The environmental knowledge we develop, are used to develop new products.
  • Our wax products are designed so that they will degrade as fast as possible in nature.

Wax and working environment

  • Through close collaboration with the National Institute for the internal environment and Climate and Pollution Agency for the external environment, we are working actively to reduce our products' environmental impact.
  • Swix actively working to bring out products that protect and ensure good working environment.

4 requirements to our suppliers

Swix Sport requires all suppliers must undertake to comply with our Code of Conduct.

  • Our policy dictates that all providers must ensure that they are not engaged in child labor, discrimination, unethical penalties or charges the external environment in an undesirable way.
  • Our suppliers must ensure that their employees work on a voluntary basis, receiving at least minimum wage, do not work more hours than the local rules implies, bargaining and that their work meets the requirements for health, safety and the environment (HSE).
  • The management of our suppliers are responsible for implementing the Code of Conduct.
  • The Code of Conduct is part of the contract with suppliers.
  • All our suppliers are monitored through regular visits before, during and after production.

5 Our internal environment / action

We are constantly striving to reduce the environmental impact, energy and resource consumption, in line with existing environmental regulations.

  • Ensure proper waste treatment, inform the proper application methods.
  • Through accurate and updated information in our catalogs and on our website, we will inform our users about proper handling of our products.
  • Ensure that environmental considerations are included in efforts to develop new products and choice of suppliers.
  • At all times be in dialogue with raw material suppliers regarding potential hazards.
  • Our employees and customers know our products' applications and environmental impact.

6 Our Partners

As a market leader in many of our product areas, we are committed to taking a proactive role in the development of knowledge about our products' environmental impact. To get access to the right expertise, we have established an active collaboration with several key players in Norway and Sweden:

  • Membership of the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative, link: ETI is a resource and advocate for ethical trade.
  • Active cooperation with KLIF (Climate and Pollution Control Directorate, link:
  • KLIF implement pollution policy and guide, guardian and administrator for a better environment.
  • Active cooperation with Kemi (Kemikalieinspeksjonen in Sweden, link: Kemi is the driving force in working for a non-toxic environment.
  • Active collaboration with NIOH (National Institute, link: STAMI vision that Norwegian working life will be able to create working to prevent disease and promote good health. Through this partnership, we look at better solutions in working connection with ski waxing for both regular home users and business users.